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The Case at Barton Manor – Book 1

1920’s London

Rosemary Lillywhite had no intention of becoming a lady detective, but when a desperate woman knocks on the door of her dead husband’s investigative office, she’s forced to make a choice: either take the case or turn Grace Barton away. Working cases with Andrew had been fulfilling, but a woman in 1920’s London couldn’t run such a business by herself—or could she?

When Rosemary discovers that Grace is from the same village where her family lives, and that they’re all invited to a party at Barton Manor, she knows it’s a proposition she can’t refuse. With her best friend, bright young thing Vera Blackburn at her side, Rosemary heads to the country and finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation.

The plot thickens when she’s forced to defend her brother Frederick’s good name, and is confronted with romantic feelings towards handsome CID detective and old friend Max Whittington. Will Rosemary solve the crime before the murderer strikes again?

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The Murder Next Door – Book 2

Nobody needs a holiday as much as Rosemary Lillywhite. She’s just solved a grisly murder, nearly getting herself killed in the process, and it’s been less than a year since the death of her private investigator husband.

Romantic feelings for CID detective Max Whittington—feelings she’s not yet ready to deal with—make the prospect of escaping to the beaches of Cyprus even more appealing. So when, before she’s finished packing her case, another killer strikes—this one even closer to home than the last—Rosemary has to decide which will win out: her desire to get away for some much deserved relaxation, or her visceral need to see justice properly served.

Sun and sand will have to wait as this lady detective takes the case of the murder next door.

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Death on the Isle of Love – Book 3

At long last, lady detective Rosemary Lillywhite and her best friend Vera are on their way to a much-needed holiday in sunny Cyprus—and they’re not traveling alone. Rosemary’s impish brother, Frederick, on sabbatical from work at their father’s company, has decided a little sun and sand is exactly what he needs.

With his longtime chum Desmond Cooper—also Rosemary’s childhood crush—in tow, the foursome can’t wait to relax and shrug off the lingering stain of a murder investigation. Unfortunately for Rosemary, death seems to follow her wherever she goes—even as far as the Isle of Love.

Will she finally open her heart to a man other than her late husband, and if she does, which one will she choose—Desmond, or handsome CID detective Max Whittington?

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A Body Among the Roses – Book 4

Rosemary Lillywhite has had a lot on her tea tray: murder, intrigue, and three men vying for her affections.

When her mother, Evelyn, calls and pleads with her to help put on a country garden fête, Rosemary begrudgingly agrees, never imagining that another murder investigation awaits her in the sleepy country village of Pardington. Or, that Evelyn has invited one of her suitors to the party!

When a body is found among the rose bushes, Rosemary must bail her mother out of a jam—all while trying to juggle two men, the budding relationship between her brother and her best friend, and Evelyn’s imminent nervous breakdown.

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A Murder Most Unlikely – Book 5

Rosemary Lillywhite is over the moon about her budding romance with handsome Detective Inspector Max Whittington, and she can hardly wait for their first official date.

When she’s invited to an art exhibition opening, Rosemary thinks a night out on the town in London will be just the ticket.

What she doesn’t expect is to run into one of Max’s old flames, or to get caught up in another murder investigation.

Will that old fire be rekindled, or will sparks fly between Rosemary and Max?

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Most Definitely Murder – Book 6

This time, there’s no doubt about it: somebody is dead, and Rosemary Lillywhite is on the case.

With a mass murderer on the loose in London, Vera and Frederick planning a rushed elopement, and the perfect wedding gown just out of reach, Rosemary has enough fires to put out. But then, when her beloved butler, Wadsworth, is caught standing over a dead body—quite literally red-handed, she must figure out a way to solve the case and prove his innocence.

In the midst of more than one crisis, will Rosemary’s relationship with Max be put on the back burner? And will she convince Vera and Frederick to reconsider their plans before Evelyn’s head explodes?


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Death Down the Aisle – Book 7

1920’s London

Weddings are supposed to be joyous events–especially when it’s your best friend and your brother who are tying the knot. Unfortunately, for a murder magnet like Rosemary Lillywhite, nothing is ever as simple as it seems…


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Mrs Lillywhite Investigates – Box Set Books 1-3

This is a collection of the first three books in the Mrs. Lillywhite Investigates series including:

The Case at Barton Manor (Book 1)

The Murder Next Door (Book 2)

Death on the Isle of Love (Book 3)

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The Case of the Misdelivered Valentine – A Mrs. Lillywhite Investigates Novella

In this prequel to The Case at Barton Manor, Rosemary Lillywhite solves her first case.

When Rosemary receives an unexpected gift on Valentine’s day, a gift that was not meant for her, she sets out to solve the mystery of the mistaken delivery.

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A Twisted Case of Murder - Book #8

1920's London

Rosemary Lillywhite knew mass murderer Garrison Black had his sights set on her--but she had no idea how entangled their lives would become. Could there be anything more twisted than murder?

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