Evil on the High Seas – Book 9

Caution: rough waters ahead!

Let’s sail to America, Desmond suggested. It will be fun, he promised. Except, no matter where Rosemary goes, murder seems to follow—even in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

The journey was supposed to be part of the adventure, and what could be more fun than a few days aboard a veritable floating palace? Except Rosemary should have known it wouldn’t be all fun and games. She should have known bunking across the hall from a murder mystery author would come to no good. She should have followed her mother’s advice and stayed safely on dry land!

It doesn’t take long for our intrepid sleuth to stumble onto another dead body, and even less time for her to figure out it wasn’t just an accident: it was murder. Now, Rosemary is surrounded by would-be sleuths, and time is running out. If she doesn’t solve the case before the boat docks in New York, a murderer will go free!

Join Rosemary and her friends for a new mystery as they confront evil on the high seas.

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