The Murder Next Door – Book 2

How well do you ever really know your neighbors?

During the five years Rosemary has lived next door to Dr. Redberry and his wife, they’ve barely exchanged more than occasional pleasantries. So when she starts hearing raised voices through the adjoining townhouse walls, she can only guess that their marriage is in trouble. It’s none of Rosemary’s business, so she pretends not to notice, but when she sees Mrs. Redberry sobbing uncontrollably she can’t simply turn a blind eye. Somehow, Rosemary ends up attending her best friend, actress Vera Blackburn’s latest play alongside the couple—and it turns out to be more enjoyable than she’d expected.

Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished, and when a dead body turns up in Dr. Redberry’s dental chair, she finds herself being pulled even further into her neighbor’s affairs—and cursing her soft heart! The only thing is, she and her friends are supposed to be leaving for a holiday in sunny Cyprus—not sifting through evidence a stone’s throw from home. With romantic feelings for her late husband’s best mate, detective Max Whittington, bubbling to the surface, nobody needs to get away as much as Rosemary does!

Yet, she can’t escape the visceral need to see justice served, so sun and sand will have to wait as this lady detective takes the case of the murder next door.

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Listen to a sample of the audiobook, narrated by the wonderful Caren Naess.