Larry Sent Me

A Red Door Speakeasy Mystery

When she’s good, she’s very good; but when she’s bad, she’s better.

1920’s New York City
Imogene knows a lot about life, love, and liquor–bootleg liquor, that is. The Red Door used to be just an antiquities shop, and she used to be a just regular woman. That was before she started running a speakeasy–and running rum.
It was also before dead bodies started piling up on her doorstep.

Now, this Whisper Sister is stuck trying to find out whodunnit while slinging giggle water, juggling gangsters, and trying not to take any wooden nickels.

Join Imogene for a drink at the Red Door Speakeasy but remember–no snitches allowed!

A cozy historical mystery series set in Prohibition-era New York, The Red Door Speakeasy Mysteries is perfect for anyone who loves murder, female sleuths, and vintage cocktails.

**The Red Door Speakeasy Mysteries including Larry Sent Me will be postponed until further notice.